International Sour Beer Festival
Moor Beer Company, Days Road, Bristol, England, BS2 0QS


The family reunion with the family you choose, Arrogant Sour Festival UK is the first international edition of everyone’s favourite event. If you’ve never been to the annual religious gathering at the Chiostro della Ghiara in Reggio Emilia, we are bringing you the opportunity to give yourself to the spirit and join the Sour Family. It is not the beer you will imbibe. It is not the food you will salivate over. It is not the music you will shake to. It is not the wisdom you will receive. It is the mystical spirit that unites us. Sinners - sing Bevo and be saved. Like the main Arrogant Sour Festival, we will have one long bar rotating fantastic sour beers, poured by the best publicans, brewers and evangelists from around the world. A small shop will offer some very rare treats. A selection of tasty food will satiate your hunger when the acid takes over. When you need temporary respite from the assault on your palate, a huge array of Moor beers will be there for you. There will be music, some of which you will sing yourself. Expand your knowledge in our workshops, led by those who help define where sour beer came from and where it is going. There may even be panda sightings. Entrance is free, but you will need to buy a glass to get served. We will operate a token system to ease service, with each beer clearly indicating the required number. Workshop tickets will be available to purchase in advance but numbers are limited so check back regularly so you don’t miss out