Lambic is the "basic" beer and is produced with barley malt and un-malted wheat, 2/3-year old hops, poor in flavor and with bitter characteristics. Aging takes place in barrels for a period that varies from one year (young) up to three years (old). The one-year lambic has a not too aggressive acidity, the aroma has a hint of wood and a light softness that, over time, is replaced by a greater acidity and a complexity of aromas. However, the three-year lambic is not carbonated and has a light smell of horse saddle, sweaty leather, animal and stable. Despite spontaneous fermentation beers are a Belgium tradition, the production of similar beers with aromas and sensations that recall different terroir have been developed worldwide in recent years. These beers have different hints that depend on the place of production and can not be classified. However, there is always a greater or lesser acidity with more or less pronounced animal scents. The lambic group also includes beers with different fruits such as elderberry, mulberry, cherries, raspberries, peaches and other fruits or even flowers.